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Random Wire Reflections for Issue 96

Random Wire Reflections for Issue 96

Preview of issue 96 of the Random Wire Review and reflections on different generations and how they view CW and digital mode radio operators.

KJ7T is in the booth! This is Tom Salzer with some Random Wire Reflections for Issue 96 of the Random Wire Review.

Condenser microphone this week

This week, I’m using the Blue Yeti Nano condenser microphone. It is more sensitive. I’m trying to talk across the mic rather than in it to help reduce the sibilants (the hissy “S” sounds) that are normal to my speech. I’m also recording into Zoom instead of Audacity, using the Zoom background noise filter to help quiet the sounds coming in from my environment. The final mix was done in Audacity.


A schedule of WIRES-X nets will be in issue 96 of the Random Wire Review publishing on Friday, July 28th. I found good nets for every day of the week.

YSF Hotspot Died

When I got home from several days of travel, I found that the hotspot I use for Yaesu System Fusion was not responding. I burned a fresh image to a microSD card and restored a previously saved configuration to get it back on the air.

What is Your Legacy?

“What is your legacy?” was a question posed during the Worldwide Friendship Net on June 8th. This got me thinking about my own legacy and I share my thoughts in this podcast.

Node Remote App for AllStar Nodes

I’m testing the Node Remote app for AllStar nodes. It isn’t working perfectly, but it does work. More on that in issue 96 on Friday.

SHARI AllStar Node Telemetry

I learned a tiny new thing with my SHARI AllStar nodes: the telemetry settings are not where I expected them to be.

Differences in Generations

This topic is not contained in Random Wire issue 96 — it is special to this podcast.

One of the topics in a training last week was about how different generations view the world, how they were shaped by events of the time, and how they think and speak differently. I’ve been thinking about that, and perhaps this helps explain the division that I still hear when people talk about learning CW and about those of us who did not learn CW.


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Random Wire℠ Reflections
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