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My experience was nearly identical with a pi zero w dual hat unit that I formatted the SD card trying to get the wifi file installed upon (my mistake). I've got it sending on both time slots but doesn't appear to be receiving. Haven't tried simplex but saw others did likewise.

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Geez. Thanks for sharing the details. Seems like a barrier to entry for new users to enjoy DMR. I wouldn’t want to go through that. Is use of DMR worth that pain?

I host two DMR repeaters at my 2000’ elevation home, and have an admitted bias to using RF for the “last mile” rather than the “last foot”. Still don’t understand the attraction of using the DMR or other RF HT into a hotspot then into the network. Why not microphone into an app then into the network. Then, why RF at all?

But obviously I’m outvoted by the success of hotspot products and the large number of users that enjoy using them.

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